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Santé mentale et dépendances

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The Youth Wellness Quest Guide and Checklist explores the kinds of mental health and substance use services that may be available in your community. You can use both to figure out what kind of help might be best for you.

The Wellness Quest resource is made up of a guide and a checklist.


705-759-3398 (Sault Ste. Marie) Toll Free: 1(800) 721-0077 (Algoma District)

Crisis Services consists of: Crisis Intervention Workers, Psychiatric Nurses and Mobile Crisis Response Workers. Workers aim to prevent crises from worsening and help to resolve crises as quickly as possible. Intervention is designed to be brief and short-term in nature. The goal of the service is to assessments of individual needs, when possible provide service where the crisis is occurring, facilitate appropriate referrals to community service providers and deliver a high quality crisis service in the Algoma District.

Days/Hours of operation: Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and Holidays/Saturday/Sunday 10:00 am to 12:00 pm



Algoma Family Services is a provider of specialized services for children, youth, adults and families in the Algoma District. Our services are evidence-based, client-centered, family-focused and delivered by a team of skilled professionals. Our work is focused in the following key areas: Child and youth mental health services. Specialized programs for youth substance use, young offenders and family violence. Community Partnerships, as a lead sponsor for a number of programs with local collateral agencies.


705-759-3434 x 4600

Psychiatric Out-patient Clinic provides psychiatric assessment, consultation and brief follow-up treatment for patients with urgent mental health needs. The clinic is staffed with an Registered Nurse and a Social Worker who work in consultation with the Chief of Psychiatry and visiting psychiatrists from the University of Toronto and McMaster's Hamilton Group.

Days/Hours of operation: Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm



Whether individuals are experiencing a mental illness, have a family member or friend with a mental illness, are a health care provider, an employer or are seeking information, CMHA Sault Ste. Marie/ Algoma is available to help. Programs and services: Anger Solutions, Caregiver Support, Central Access and Information, Counselling, Court Support and Diversion, Dual Diagnosis, Hope House, Club 84, Housing Support, Human Services and Justice Coordinating Committee, Living Life to the Full (course).


705-256-5634 x 2202

Indigenous Healing & Wellness Programs Provided include: Weekly Sewing/ Drumming, Anger Solutions, Traditional Health Program, Supportive Peer Counselling, Traditional Peer Counselling, Elders visits, applying to Healing Lodges, and Advocacy. Indigenous Mental Wellness.

One-on-one consultation regarding treatment options, treatment centres, non-aboriginal health services as well as meeting and understanding doctor’s instructions and notes for prescriptions.  Culturally based services and support groups, including holistic healing through medicine wheel teachings on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, and participation in cultural activities such as drumming circles, ceremonies, and feasts. 

Drug & Alcohol Prevention to provide substance abuse services through education, prevention, and intervention to Indigenous individuals and their families within the community. To provide healthier alternatives for a substance free lifestyle. To develop and present substance abuse education programs to the community. To enhance inter-agency referrals and networking within the substance abuse community in addressing substance abuse. To promote alternative lifestyles by providing substance free social activities. To provide a continuum of care for substance abuse to individual and their families.

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